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I started my life and career as a musician and performer and it was through this that I fell in love with the process of filmmaking. My camerawork is informed by my experience as a musician and regardless of whether shooting for music videos, documentary or drama, I seek to find the rhythm, pacing and timing that the director and actors or musicians are aiming for. I use the dance and flow of motion to invite the viewer in as a participant. In order to acheive this, I work with a budget Trinity rig comprising a steadicam, vest and a gimbal that allows total freedom of movement. I have worked with directors including Toby Amies, Nick Renton and Crispian Mills. Understanding the vision of the director is important to me and I relish the challenge of bringing these ideas to life using equipment and creative techniques, even within constraints such as timeframe and budget.


I am both a British and EU citizen. I'm based in London and happy to travel for the right location.



Sony A7iv with Trinity style rig with G master 24-70mm.

Aputure 300Dmkii with diffuser and fresnel.

Aputure storm mini.

3X bi-colour LED boards.


Zoom H6

Stereo pair omni's

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